We want to make the most of this exciting time in your life! The CDC Guidelines will make this challenging, but not impossible. We WILL prevail in making your senior photo experience unforgettable.

As a company, the challenges we face consist of lowering the capacity of both employees and customers to meet Social Distancing Requirements, significantly reducing the number of appointments we can take this summer while still meeting yearbook deadlines.

All students will need to make an appointment to be photographed for the

yearbook in the summer for yearbook deadlines to be met.

These appointments will be:

  • Done with no guests beyond the check-in desk. Waiting areas and studio bays have been reconfigured to comply with Social Distancing Guidelines and are not large enough to hold more than the students with appointments and photographers.
  • All students will have their temperature taken to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. All temperatures must be 99.9 or below to proceed with the session.
  • Instant Proofs will be available the same day when purchased. Students can share proofs with parent/s at pick up prior to leaving the studio. In the case that a parent is not satisfied with the photos, retakes will be offered.

We appreciate your understanding through this unprecedented time. Should you want more information about our safety measures, please feel free to contact our customer service team.

Congratulations on becoming a SENIOR!


The HJMiami Photo Team
Jorge PortuondoCovid-19 Safety Measures